LNB Mission

The Louisiana Natural Birth group consist mainly of mothers but also of health care providers, nurses, doulas, educators, and activist.  Our vision is to offer support and encouragement to women in whatever path they are taking towards motherhood.  There is a bias towards natural birth, but we do not exclude, we are open to supporting a woman regardless of her choices in birth setting and/or pain management.
Our mission is reach across the map, embracing women of all walks of life.  Birth is sacred, and unique to each mother and baby.  We are here to close the gap, connecting women and health care professionals.  Join us; connect, share, grow, and learn.
The LNB started out as a meetup group back in 2006, we have since expanded and now congregate mostly on FaceBook within our closed group. You can find us there and request to join over 1,000 members from many different perspectives, we are a diverse yet support community.   We still encourage face to face gatherings although our organizers do not hold regular meetups at this time.
Here you can find resources and support related to any and all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum related.  Browse our Resource Page or read through our Blog.  Please contact one of our coordinators with any questions.  If you have a question about the website or something to contribute contact Amy Shamburger at the email address below.   Good luck on your journey, I am so happy you have found us!
The LNB is the product of many women who support mothers and their choices in childbirth.  Thank you to the Women of our community who have contributed to this website.

Amy Shamburger
Birth Doula
(225) 315-3410

Jennifer Wakefield
(480) 221-5868

Jenny Thompson
MotherBirth Doula and Childbirth Educator
(337) 591-5781

Erica Norris Glass
Birth Rite Louisiana
(318) 709-6105

Hannah Birchman Hannah Birchman
ICAN of Baton Rouge
Improving Birth, Baton Rouge
(225) 335-5340

Susannah Hogan

Erin Bailey
ICAN of Central Louisiana

Brandi Doucet
Deep South Doula Services &
ICAN of Northeast Louisiana
(318) 548-3198

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